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Code commits

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Anja Leichsenring <aleichsenring@ab-softlab.de> Anja Leichsenring <aleichsenring@ab-softlab.de> 100a8daaf74a066d0c2891b2487ccdbafd7898ba 100a8daaf74a066d0c2891b2487ccdbafd7898ba [BUGFIX] Respect different matcher config of ConstructorArgumentMatcher
The extensionScannerRstFileReferences check expects rstFiles listed
in first level of the configuration array. ConstructorArgumentMatcher
puts them in the second level. Thus, no files are found during the
check, indicated by PHP warnings.

The rstFiles given to ConstructorArgumentMatcher have never been
checked due to this incompatibility.

Resolves: #91866
Relates: #90722
Releases: master, 10.4, 9.5
Change-Id: I36abbef7e1eb5af372a8655d4a3d593f298fa404
Reviewed-on: https://review.typo3.org/c/Packages/TYPO3.CMS/+/65118
Tested-by: TYPO3com <noreply@typo3.com>
Tested-by: Oliver Hader <oliver.hader@typo3.org>
Reviewed-by: Oliver Hader <oliver.hader@typo3.org>
Andreas Fernandez <a.fernandez@scripting-base.de> Andreas Fernandez <a.fernandez@scripting-base.de> c5d321099dab17c949a8868d5777312e12da923f c5d321099dab17c949a8868d5777312e12da923f [BUGFIX] Drop obsolete CSS code
This patch removes a lot of either unused or superfluous CSS code.

Some stuff seems to have travelled in time to stay present, e.g. a star
hack for IE or code affecting ExtJS which was removed in v9.

The class `form-field-inputlink-explanation` was in use but has been
removed nevertheless as it had no effect since we have Bootstrap in

Resolves: #91867
Releases: master, 10.4
Change-Id: Idc2dd3fa46d393024abce80b46f796f3de867ee2
Reviewed-on: https://review.typo3.org/c/Packages/TYPO3.CMS/+/65103
Tested-by: TYPO3com <noreply@typo3.com>
Tested-by: Daniel Goerz <daniel.goerz@posteo.de>
Reviewed-by: Daniel Goerz <daniel.goerz@posteo.de>
Stephan Großberndt <stephan.grossberndt@typo3.org> Stephan Großberndt <stephan.grossberndt@typo3.org> 9b88e6bdba3a08e1806563471c68be8556733f63 9b88e6bdba3a08e1806563471c68be8556733f63 [BUGFIX] Send warning email for backend login failure on all DBMS
This patch fixes the SQL query retrieving the failed login attempts
which was broken due to a missing GROUP BY statement on PostgreSQL
and MySQL when using strict mode.

Additionally the performance has been improved by reversing the order
of query executions: The failed attempts are now only retrieved if more
than $max allowed failures have been recorded.

Resolves: #91649
Releases: master, 10.4, 9.5
Change-Id: I1778e74cd4fc820d7fd330794b61f068babb9206
Reviewed-on: https://review.typo3.org/c/Packages/TYPO3.CMS/+/65099
Tested-by: TYPO3com <noreply@typo3.com>
Tested-by: Daniel Goerz <daniel.goerz@posteo.de>
Reviewed-by: Daniel Goerz <daniel.goerz@posteo.de>
Torben Hansen <derhansen@gmail.com> Torben Hansen <derhansen@gmail.com> fac49f9dddf1a61322b4f7ec70626228eb4d0069 fac49f9dddf1a61322b4f7ec70626228eb4d0069 [TASK] Update description for lockIP and lockIPv6
Remove an outdated reference to the user agent in the
description of [FE][lockIP] and [FE][lockIPv6].

Session locking is not based on the user agent anymore.

Resolves: #91869
Releases: master, 10.4, 9.5
Change-Id: I4f5f5e42571ef02fff78d6e2cc3511b0a42e719e
Reviewed-on: https://review.typo3.org/c/Packages/TYPO3.CMS/+/65101
Tested-by: TYPO3com <noreply@typo3.com>
Tested-by: Daniel Goerz <daniel.goerz@posteo.de>
Reviewed-by: Daniel Goerz <daniel.goerz@posteo.de>
Nicole Cordes <typo3@cordes.co> Nicole Cordes <typo3@cordes.co> d04be7c89986bd68e369ca62bacea1b9e3df1552 d04be7c89986bd68e369ca62bacea1b9e3df1552 [BUGFIX] Correctly remove added items from unique selectbox
This patch adds the current selected value in the parents selectbox if no
uid is set in its data attributes. This ensures that the value is removed
from the option list on adding the inline element.

Resolves: #91863
Releases: master, 10.4
Change-Id: I9adb35208dbf4f80db12b766ff273aaa27927a6d
Reviewed-on: https://review.typo3.org/c/Packages/TYPO3.CMS/+/65098
Tested-by: TYPO3com <noreply@typo3.com>
Tested-by: Daniel Goerz <daniel.goerz@posteo.de>
Reviewed-by: Daniel Goerz <daniel.goerz@posteo.de>